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Wild Worms is a worm distributor with competitive prices that specializes in distributing a great mixture of healthy earth worms. Our earth worms are some of the happiest and healthiest worms in the world...

We are dedicated to working solely with farmers that preserve wetlands, wildlife and are dedicated to protecting the environment by saving trees, using 100% organic materials with no chemical, ink's or other contaminants that can be found at some worm farms. We will never distribute worms from farms that cause detrimental environmental changes. We require all worm farms to take extra percausions to protect the environment and any surrounding wildlife.

Our worms work excellent for composting trash and for fishing. Anyone can order worms from us no matter weather you are a small fishermen, a gardener looking to start a worm compost, a bait shop that sells worms, a commercial vermaculite farm, a worm reseller or even a reptile owner we can provide all the worms you need at competitive prices. If you are looking to purchase more than 20,000 worms at a time please contact us to setup and schedule a delivery.

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